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Gabrielle Gonçalves de Freitas
January 21, 2019
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This project was carried out in the conceptual design class in the digital design course.
The objective of this work was to redesign a logo of an existing company. So we used the semi-jewelry company of our friend Eduardo Dorazio's aunt.

For the realization of this project, we look for some familiar companies of our friends of the group. One member of the group has a brother who works in a watch shop. Initially we thought about redesigning this company's logo, but it was very good, so we decided to use the Dorazio Semijoias logo, which we thought really needed a redesign.
We decided it would be a family business to facilitate our research and briefing.
We would be dealing with semi-jewels, so we think of the colors and their shape in the most delicate and used, conventional way, to facilitate the reading of their image.

We used Photoshop and Illustrator for sketch and logo production.
First, we did a moodboard of the images taken from the social networks of the company Dorazio semi-jewelry and we found that the form most used by the company is the form of gout, which is seen in their accessories.
In addition, we decided to make a logo that resembled an ear with a drop earring. So there were several attempts. We also saw the most used colors in their semi-jewelry and tried to represent them.
We made the construction grid and margin of safety based on the diacritical of the letter "i".
We researched the typographies that presented better aesthetics and legibility. Finally, we have the "Typo Round" and "Ailerons" for institutional typographies and "Myriad Pro" for support typography.
We present variations of the brand to show what to do and what not to do, thus avoiding to change its essence.
Finally, we made branded applications on some similar items used by the company. We represent in small boxes, bags and in the instagram application.

My teacher and colleagues really liked our work and advised us on different ways of doing it.
We learned many things from all this effort. We learn how to do good research, be creative, which referrals to use and how best to do each step.

Our Tip: Always look for more than you've researched, it will help you open your mind and be much more creative and productive.


Gabrielle Gonçalves de Freitas

I am a student of the digital design course. I really like to manipulate images in editing software and make digital paintings.

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