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Drink Series

Drink Series

YuJun Huang
June 16, 2019

In summer, we need a variety of drinks. Which one is your favorite?
Americano, Latte, Mocha, Matcha, Sorbet, Soda and Teas, etc.
In Taiwan , there are many drink shops on the street.
The most Famous Drink is Bubble Tea (or Pearl Milk Tea).
I think these drinks not just quench our thirst , they also can bring us many creativities.

Now, drinks on the market are variety of packaging.
Especially the colorful cups.
At the same time , we need to have awareness of environmental protection.
Therefore, the straws on every picture are the same (Stainless Steel Straw).
Colorful , Joyful and Environmental.

I use【MS Paint】 and 【Photo Cap 6.0】to complete this project.
【MS Paint】→Paint borders and colors basically.Background color is divided into above and Below.
【Photo Cap 6.0】→ Special color effects. For example, the color of Bubble Tea.

1. Using 【MS Paint】to draw the borders (cups , pattern and birds stickers , etc).
2. Using 【MS Paint】to color these paints.
3. Using 【MS Paint】to put the drinks (falvor) name and "Bellsmos"(brand name) on the pictures.
4. Using 【Photo Cap 6.0】to paint some special parts of drinks, like colors of drinks.
5. Finish!

They feel cool and colorful.
I think this is the same concept that I want to convey.
At the beginning , I wanted to draw colorful different straw on every picture.
But I think maybe I can convey the concept of "strawless" at the same time ,
so I did it , and I feel great !

When we enjoy our drinks or life, at the same time , we still can protect the earth - strawless. ?

YuJun Huang

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