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Logofolio 2019

Logofolio 2019

Jabari Jenkins
January 14, 2020
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This is a collection of the logo's i created in 2019! Some of the logo's are client work while most are personal concepts and ideas i've thought of throughout the year. All logos are done only by me, @barijenkinsdesigns. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy!

Most of the work i create right now are just personal concepts. The ideas mainly stem from companies that i would like to create if i had the money to do so. So basically i brand these companies in my mind to bring them to life at least somewhat, without making a full fledged business.

I use adobe illustrator for all of my logo designs. I like to start with words and meanings of things; for example, if i'm doing a logo for a coffee company, i'm researching different coffee making techniques, words associated with coffee, colors associated with coffee, the feel you get from coffee etc. Who are the consumers, are they old or young, hip or old school, etc. Those all play a factor in my design process. Each logo i begin to create, i already have a general idea of what i want it to look like. Sometimes if the idea is very intricate, i'll sketch it out first, but most of the time I can get away with going straight to illustrator and knocking it out, it just depends. So once i get into illustrator, I start playing with different shapes and lines, using the "shapebuilder" tool, alignment tool, pathfinder tool, those are my go to tools. But I just start building it out until i end up with the final logo.

To be honest, my work doesn't get a lot of traffic or views due to my follower count. I don't think it's due to the lack of quality because i personally feel i make pretty strong and effective designs! But views and likes don't mean everything, it's the quality of work you do, so i try not to let it get to me and just continue to make great designs and sharpen my skills. The likes and views will eventually come if i stay true to that. Designideas liked my project so that's all that matters lol.

Thank you so much for the feature Designideas, and thank you so much to everyone who viewed my featured post, you can find more of my work at:


Instagram: @barijenkinsdesigns
Dribbble: @barijenkinsdesigns
Behance: @barijenkinsdesigns

Jabari Jenkins

Hello! My name is Jabari Jenkins. I am a Graphic Designer specializing in logo design and branding. I am here to serve you! Please, do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work. Thank you for stopping by!

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