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Denys Kozakov
July 11, 2018
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The residential complex is located on an important highway (Zaporizhzhya Highway), in Dnipro, Ukraine. The design of the complex completes the formation of one of the highest hills on the right bank of the Dnipro River and creates the highest absolute mark of the city.

Object includes two high-rise units 19 and 24 floors located on stylobate with the exploited roof. The stylobate part and the second unit are located parallel to the Zaporizhzhya highway according to the urban development situation.The first unit is focused on the main direction of building of residential houses and shopping center on the Zoryanyy Boulevard. Units consist of cubes with a offset to each other which emphasizes the architectural tectonics of the object.

3d model was created in 3ds Max 2017. Shading and rendering - Corona Renderer 1.7. For postproduction I chose Photoshop CC because it's good tool for still images color correction and composing. Aerial view was created by composing drone photografy and render.

This work was submitted for the competition "Ukrainian Urban Awards" and received many good reviews. Ukrainian Urban Awards is a competition designed to determine the best architectural projects of Ukraine -regardless of the project's form, size or budget. The purpose is to raise standards in the field of architecture of Ukraine and to disseminate best practices, trends and innovations in construction, architecture and development.

Project Name: Residential Complex “ EDGES”.
Lead Architect: Zerov Alexandr.
Visualization: Kozakov Denys.
List of Team Members: Zerov Alexandr, Shapoval Alexandr, Zavadskaya Elena, Naumenko Irina, Kozakov Denys.
Company name: OMEGA-SKS Ltd.
Project years: 2017-2018.
Project location: 1b Zoryanyy Boulevard, Dnipro, Ukraine.
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Denys Kozakov

CG artist from Ukraine. Architectural visualization.

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