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White Vow: Branding Identity

White Vow: Branding Identity

Nick Le
September 25, 2018
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Wedding designs are often straightforward. White Vow designs concepts inspired by a tradition story 'Thread of Destiny' this concept represents a thread design of letters W and A intertwined with each other as one. Much like husband and wife.

White Vow is a wedding and event planning.

The idea was inspired by the traditional story 'The Thread of Destiny' meaning that a couple is tie by a single thread to represent as one and eternity.
The symbol behind the design is a monogram concept of the letter W and V intertwined with one another thread-like. The knot of each angle of the letters represent bond and strength,

The concept was sketched out before its digitalized through Illustrator. Based on a foundation of the letter W and V, the designer freehanded the letters using the pen tool in Illustrator to create a clean line. Increased the line the letters to four points for legibility, but thin enough to show its elegant. After that, the designer executed the idea of a thread. Overlay the letter W and V to give the icon a sense of dept. Next, the design brings the overall design to photoshop to showcase a visual presentation of the brand and bring it to live.

The designs help me the important ways of presenting your work to the clients. Showing them the potential of what their brand can do and how it can benefit their business. The color of the design also plays a huge role in this brand. Choosing two contrast color helps to bring out the detail of the design.

Nick Le

I'm an Art Director for 5 years and the founder of Synk. The name for Synk is generated from 'sync' and 'ink'. Ink represents graphic designs. Sketching ideas down to papers and coming up with concepts. Sync represents digital and connecting with the audiences through online platforms.

Synk provides innovative ideas from logo designs to art direction as well as many other designs such as brochures, booklets, posters, etc. Let Synk help build your brand to stand out from your competitors. With Synk... Imagine greater, connect faster.

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