Design of an ergonomically-optimized, technical, MTB grip with an increased resting surface for optimal comfort on trails. The best of two worlds. The new all-mountain comfort grip. This concept combines the relief benefits and wrist support of ergonomic wing grips with the freedom of movement of rounder MTB grips. Experience gained with the GA2 showed that the ergonomically optimised shape allows for low gripping forces; textures are adapted to the grip zones of the human hand; wall thickness of the inner core double butted to increase damping comfort.

The excellent grip is typical for Ergon. The super soft, UV-stable rubber compound is exclusively manufactured in Germany for Ergon! This allows greater control even on demanding trails.

The inboard clamp allows even more gripping area at the end of the bars, it is completely secure and carbon bar friendly. With replaceable end plug.

Photography: Angel King / Favbike / Canyon
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All features were defined interdisciplinary-wise with ergonomic experts, engineers and other talented professionals. The idea was to up the comfort levels in Ergon’s MTB grip line-up by creating a grip that increased wrist support without hindering optimal handling of the bike.

It is made out of state of the art materials – developed specifically for the brand. German-engineered, Ergon grips are a benchmark for many grip manufacturers in the bike industry worldwide, due to the high level of know-how that characterizes our products.

The style and form had to fit into Ergon’s formal language, which has developed extensively throughout the last decade.

A lot of sketching, model-making and rapid-prototyping were part of the development process.
Solidworks 2016 was used a CAD tool and we used Keyshot for the renderings.

We tested the prototypes in-house and involved professional riders in the development process.
A stand-out rider in our process was Austrian, 3-time Marathon World Champion Alban Lakata.

We’ve had awesome feedback from pro-riders around the world. Our sponsored riders were a very helpful part of the development process, in which we sent them prototypes and they got back to us with feedback that led us to improving the shape, interpreting textures and defining the product.

Not only have the pros been amazed by this product – the average Joes and Janes that have tested the grip have only had absolutely positive reactions to it.

It has also been well received by the industry from a commercial standpoint. It is expected to be a highly-succesfull product.

If you love MTB, get yourself a pair of these and try them out. They’re worth it!

Juan Jimenez

Industrial designer based in Germany.