Exploración del vacío

It’s a brief explanation of the void and fear I have with heights and the vacuum.
A project with no beginning and no end, just a process.
Overall, it works for me as catharsis, by facing my fears and my child´s fears.

The project itself has been an exploration that’s been going on since I was a child, it’s a constant search and reunion with my fears and anxieties. The technique and material form of the illustrations are due to my obsession with detail and textures, that generate a contrast with the emptiness of the paper as background; the color also aims to be understood as one more detail inside the illustration, in a subtle way, present all the time but without taking away protagonism of the paper and its emptiness. In other words, the choice of materials and techqniques is the result of playing constantly with tones, contrasts, the thickness of the graphite, tints and paintings.

Generally, I turn to the same cronological process in all my illustrations. Starting with a simple sketch that gives me the idea of the space within the paper, to then using the tint for the bigger and then smaller details, graphite to add volume, details and texture, and finally, a digital touch: balancing colors or the digital color from Photoshop or illustrator for the final cleaning details, cropping and calibrating the color of the image.

It’s a project that is still an ongoing process, but the spectators and myself included have received it well because it may be the most honest and personal work I’ve done up to this point in my life. In conclusion, it’s an exploration that has made me realize that we are beings full of fear and anxieties that we don’t know how to face, and for this same reason we live our lives afraid of how cruel our life itself may be.

We are pressured by society to feel or react to adversity in a mechanical manner all the time, don’t let this run the way you live your life or control you. We all have our own personal process and method in which we handle hard times; whatever way it may be in which you release your stress or tension, embrace it and love it.

Nicolas Cañón

Overwhelmed visual artist.