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Farmer Problems - StoryOfMyFarm

Farmer Problems - StoryOfMyFarm

Himanshu Bisht
February 5, 2018
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The project showcases the hardships faced by farmers in India. The prime aim is to make sure common people understand the current Indian agriculture scenario and extend a helping hand to the development of agriculture economy of the nation. The idea of design revolves around a farmer who has experienced all sorts of pains in farming. These designs showcase farmer issues related to weather changes, market prices, and illiteracy of farmers.

Indian agriculture has been a prime point on which there has always been less concentration by the government as well as the people of the nation. Our lavish lifestyles do not make us realize the fact that farming is the most important profession in India and this profession is neither sustainable nor profitable at this present time. That made me chose this topic and i felt a story would be the best way to showcase hardships and grab attention of the urban audience. As the idea is way sensitive, I had to make sure that the designs are simple but affect to the point. My selection included basic and eye comforting color and the designs followed the same. I made sure the colors do not turn out to be vibrant as that proves opposite to the serious idea i have chosen.

I started with rough sketches on my sketchbook where I designed few different styles of farmers and background. Later I took those designs to photoshop and started working on it. I like to speak through expressions in my artwork and it is necessary for every artist in my perspective.

People loved this project and there were lot of positive responses. Popular Bollywood actor Sanjai Mishra and Director Nila Madhab Panda extended their appreciation in the form of re-tweets on social media. In order to make sure my designs depict the existing true scenario, I had visited some farms in Haryana where I got to interact with many farmers. This actually allowed me to think of a concrete design and helped me execute my work well. Story is what keeps a design alive. My on field experience with farmers helped me narrate a perfect story through my designs.

Farming is a profession which is at high risk. A farm is a best place where you can learn a lot of things and stay in peace and harmony. Farms are the biggest treasure of India and every citizen should visit farms at least once in a lifetime. I guarantee an amazing experience. The cool breeze in the farm hits your skin and makes you realize the happiness in life. Stay cool and support agriculture.

Himanshu Bisht

I started my design journey with Geek mentors, a game design firm where I developed my skills as a character designer and an illustrator that set the groundwork for the coming years. After which I became animator with Access Mobiles Pvt. Ltd and I created some animations and WAP design for brands like Docomo. I also worked as a creative head at ArtistsFaqs, an event management firm One of my most challenging job till date, here I was responsible for creating concepts, visualizing the sets and stage design.

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