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female – a recomposition

female – a recomposition

Davide Gualtieri
May 18, 2022
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I stared at the image multiplying in an action suspension, but I could not fully seize the mystery of meeting oneself. I chased a movement, I courted it as to let it fall in my lens, it slipped away enough to feel me satisfied. I lost a love amongst unnatural and sluggish waters, I looked at it quite that long, as it denied its eyes, becoming anonymous and seductive. I caressed a weakness, a fear, a forgiveness, I distanced from them as to see, I filtered my intrusive gaze so as to prevent admitting inappropriateness. I stared through an old window, accustomed to be stained by time and sorrow, an escape to contemplate, a joyful shade creeping and inviting me to live. I harvested your hands after intense pleasure, handing over weigh to stone, drying in the still wind and in a ceremonious Sun, I saw and halted them as you do with dreams in the morning. I covered your body with disclosures, not to tell the world this is for the best and not explicitly stated cruelties, not to keep a position of power; only to refine an attack to the ruling system. I saw as you stared at yourself, and I knew about you as your reflection knows, I saw pains and the feminine winter, I sucked up light from above, the light wrote you, the light wrote you and then you. I saw the end, the tip of the shoe, the farthest corner. I noticed every piece, every detail but I still could not retrace an image of you.

I have always been very interested in the body to be photographed, not conventionally

I took all the photos in colour, then turned them into black and white with a simple programme on my PC. No strong post-production, no photomontage, I love to transform what reality puts me at the moment in the shot and not in post-production.

The reactions were very positive, of great astonishment. I realised how powerful photography can be in transforming reality, and as some scholars would say, how photography can lie

I do not consider myself a photographer but an artist who uses photography, I look for a poetics and I am not interested in basing my work on what I would call technique.

Davide Gualtieri

Davide Gualtieri was born in Rome in 1973 where he lives and works. He started his artistic research when he was just 20 years old with theatre, then he graduated in Literature (history of theatre) and attended a master in Therapeutic Arts. His approach to photography stems from the need to explore the world with a new poetic. His artistic career is characterised by a love of looking for detail, scrutinising the unrecognisable, losing himself in the indistinct. Experimenting in search of a poetics is what keeps him alive. He loves to photograph works of art but does not disdain to bring his gaze into the chaotic everyday life of Rome.

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