FLAMI chair

The collection consists of a version of a stool and two models of interior chairs with backrests. A feature of the construct is that the back legs of the chair do not attach to the seat. They are behind it and are connected by a rigid welded plexus of the tubes on the upper bend.

Nature has created unique flora and fauna for many years, there are undergone transformation and came to us such as we see them. To my way of thinking, one of the most wonderful representative of the avifauna is flamingo. Balance and harmony of shapes, curved long neck and thin graceful legs – all this makes a unique bird. How much can be said about their plumage! But the most exciting in them its ability to use his body. Their necks twists, tied in a knot! Intertwined legs and neck. No one person cannot afford such acrobatics. That’s I was trying to show in developing of new form. Thence flowing lines of the chair back proceed in body (seat) and end thin legs. When sketching, I tried not to take a hand which lead a pencil and in one motion to create a bending support element. As if it were a single organism.
Of course, constructively, I applied a wide seat for comfort of the young walnut tree, because only the young walnut wood is light. Its bend and easy to polish. Round cushions as a pastiche of feathers impart softness and warmth. All bend made by according to the ergonomics of the human body.​​​​​​​
Colors product was determined taking into account the color of the plumage. But this is not a limitation.
Colors can be used based on the customer’s preferences.

Sketches are very different from the final result. As the improvement and refinement of the model was carried out in the 3d-program, namely in Cinema 4D. In this program I was able to see and present the collection differently. Looking at it from all sides and changing the bends of the tubes, it turned out a completely new concept of a chair – Flami Chair.

At the moment, the collection is only a concept. I am ready to consider the proposals of furniture companies and productions for the sale and sale of the project.
This is a complex model for implementation, but it will be a very bright and memorable element of any interior.

Tasha Terenina

I’m an engineer, industrial designer. I graduated from the D.Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, on specialization – technical design products made. I’m developing of furniture, interior, small architectural forms. Knowledge of production technology and properties of materials can work in different areas of design. And the ability to work in a graphics program and modeling objects in 3D, allows me to clearly display idea and visualization in the medium.
Currently I work as a designer and stylist for interiors in the Loft Art (http://loft-art.ru; http://mylittlefrance.ru) . Designing new furniture and create interiors for a photo shoot with a furniture company.