Fly Away

Work was done for a client and later converted to personal work. It was a very nice project for a family villa on an eastern shore of the Adriatic sea. Among other camera angles, there was one from bird perspective from which this personal project came to be.

I was working on this project for a client more than a year ago. The deadline was not that long and although the idea of this was there from the beginning, there was no time to execute it. Since then the image kind of stood there and waited in some corner of the hard drive for it’s time to come. Here and there, when there was a time I worked on it and finally finished it.

Since the villa was by the sea and the camera angle was from bird’s perspective I needed some way to “cut” the water and soil in order to frame the artwork. Being an architect and 3d artist, matte painting is not something that I primarily do but I was always very interested in it and this image was perfect opportunity to once again play with it.

The goal was to create a fairy tale like atmosphere, with a piece of ground floating in the air. I also wanted to see how well can I blend 3d and 2d object together.

I used 3ds max and Vray for modeling and rendering the base image. I also used Itoo Forest Pack for scattering vegetation and other nature objects in the scene and Phoenix FD for ocean simulation. After that came the postproduction and matte painting part in Photoshop with my Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. I sketched out the initial idea and went from there.

Most of the images used in post process were found on google with the simple image search. Afterwards, they were scaled, stretched, wrapped​ and all other fun stuff that Photoshop can do. 🙂

The response from the people was, a little surprisingly, very nice. I got a lot of positive feedback from the people and the project was featured in the Behance Wacom curated gallery. From this project, I learned that if you put some extra work and are willing to go the extra mile it usually pays out and plays out really well. I got an invitation from you to showcase my work, so… 😉

Milan Stevanovic

My name is Milan Stevanović.
I am a young Serbian architect and 3D artist, with a soft spot for Scandinavian architecture and lifestyle.
I got my Master’s Degree in Architecture from Niš University in 2013. Prior to my graduation, I was involved in numerous projects in Serbia and abroad, from small residential houses to government project such as Science and Technology Park in Niš.
I am equally skilled at working independently and on a team and I’m open for collaboration as an architect as well as a 3D artist.
In at the beginning of 2015, I founded A+ studio, with its main focus on architecture and architectural visualization.