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Free like a Bird by Keat Leong

Free like a Bird by Keat Leong

Honey Adraque
April 6, 2015
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Some people wish to be like a bird even just for one day. Today's feature will help you remember why people want to become such. They want to feel they are free. Now, take a look at these designs created by Keat Leong, a digital artist from Malaysia. Be inspired and enjoy!

I started exploring on this artwork for an exhibition in August 2014. I was interested to develop the theme of Free I, which explores my fascination with birds and their flowing flight. I chose to explore the hummingbird because of its attractive, vibrant colours and their unique way of hovering about.

At the time I also worked with a lot of images of stars and galaxy in a separate illustration project. Then it just felt right to combine these two elements of hummingbird and stars. Together I can create the galaxy of stars within the brilliant colours of the bird. On another project, I played around with smoke photos and so this effect was added in as well.

The contrast of scale between the vast galaxies and this tiny bird’s feather is very interesting to me. It reminded me of Carl Sagan’s starstuff quote. I wanted people to appreciate the tiny details, so I made it into a 3x6 feet canvas. My technique for this was combining and collaging different stock photos together in detail with Photoshop.

- Keat Leong







About Keat Leong

Keat Leong explores the process of digital crafting in art, design and motion. After graduating with a degree in Film and Animation, his career began with creating motion designs that mesh beautiful aesthetics and fluid animations. Since then he has worked with motion design studios in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Taipei. Currently, he is based in Kuala Lumpur as an independent creative director. He also explores the realm of digital fine art, translating experimental visuals from on-screen pixels to the canvas. These visuals are expressions of gratitude and reflections to being on a yogic journey. Keat’s art was exhibited in Malaysia and published in Asian Creatives Book, Advanced Photoshop UK and Motion Graphics Served. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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