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Sarays Miranda
February 3, 2018
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Sometimes when you're sad when ideas for drawing bloom faster and much more when someone encourages you to transform that sadness into magic colors that help you to calm the heart in each stroke.Being sad is like being alone in space, the stars turn into your flickering tears trying to fill all that emptiness and the planets are those distant things that you love so much but you can only treasure one even if you're already busy.

The idea arose because of some things that have happened in my life. A special person for me made me draw this and I encourage myself to try other ways to give color to boost my mood. I chose striking colors to the drawing, in spite of being sad I did not want my drawing it looked opaque.

For illustration use paint tool sai, a program for illustration of great comfort and that lends a lot to play with textures and colors.
What I did was draw in layers, but before I did several previous sketches before finding the right one for me and how I felt. Then I started playing with brushes and some textures. It was great for me to work without delineating just applying color and shade directly and in the course of color change some details but the result was as expected.

I learned a lot when doing it, I realized that it is good to experiment and leave the comfort zone which helps a lot as an illustrator. It is something that really was very comforting to do and much more because it has that piece that I shared with that person.

Selene Bunny

hello, my name is Sarays but I am known by the pseudonym Selene Bunny , I’m loving drawing and writing stories, I define myself as a person somewhat shy of few words but that I love very much what I do.

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