FunRock – Website Redesign

I was contacted by FunRock Media on Behance – November 2015 with a web design request. I was very happy because before I became a professional in the web industry, all I used to do was play games – day after day, year after year and can you guess what kind of company FunRock was – a mobile game developer company based in Stockholm, Sweden. I was approached by a very kind and professional individual, David Wallinder the CEO of FunRock who was very well prepared and had already created a very clear brief.

The guys from the studio wanted a completely new branding and feel of their website. The games developed by FunRock are fun, playful and bright so I had to choose a matching Yellow – the color of sunshine. It’s associated with joy, happiness, intellect, and energy, exactly what I needed.

As for the style, I used the flat trend to make the artwork pop out and the text more legible. This way the CTA (Call-to-Action) buttons were more visible and the users could consume the content a lot easier than the previous design FunRock had.

For the whole design process I used my favorite software – Adobe Photoshop. But before I got to the design part I had to do some research on the gaming industry to see how their competitors were doing. I needed to figure out their pros and cons in order to make FunRock’s website the best I could. Doing research is very boring for some designers but it’s actually one of the most vital parts of the whole creation process. I was provided with an amazing library of pre-rendered CGI artwork which ultimately brought the website to its final look & feel.

The team from Sweden were very excited and happy with the final result and even offered me to work on another project. I got a huge feedback from friends and other designers and they were very positive and approving. The project is currently getting an enormous amount of traction on Behance and I hope it gets featured.

Thank you for reading!


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