G-romano et Jean-Claude Poitras – SIRACUSA

Jean-Claude Poitras multidisciplinary designer and renown fashion designer ask me a simple peasant to work with him on a new conception for a sofa for G-romano the manufacturer of SIRACUSA. SIRACUSA is a gray, modern and elegant way to sit on a sofa and feel the comfort and fineness of its shapes and material

I’ve inspire myself with magasine and lifestyle kind of imagery to make sure that my design is timelessness and to make sure it can fit through all kind of living room. All the material was choose by the manufacture who assemble the sofa, but I’ve influenced their choice by proposing visual references.

Every time that I start a project, I always start by sketching with the closest piece of paper. Rough draw and no restriction, I just let my mind running by it self. After a big session of brainstorming, I calm myself down and put everything on my computer and refine it with Illustrator.

At first, I had a meeting with Jean-Claude to make sure that we were going in the right direction. After my first sketching seance, I’ve had to send my drafts to Jean-Claude to get his input and adjust to make sure our product was perfect. After everything was done, I’ve learned that I could do anything even if it’s not my line of expertise !

Don’t be shy and say hi ! Collaboration are welcome and submission for work too !

Nicolas Raymond


Welcome to my portfolio where you can find a tone of diverse projects that I’ve worked as a freelancer or as a full-time graphic designer. My versatility is my best asset, but over the years I’ve specialized myself in several domains such as the edition, illustration, branding, video editing, photography and web design !

Don’t be shy and let’s collaborate !