Genty cosmetics

The company provides a dominating share of the domestic component by its own production in Russia in 1988. The compositions are created with the participation of French perfumers. It also offers mass market. It has deposited at Letual and other perfume stores.

All perfumes and cosmetics are manufactured in strict accordance with international and Russian standards. As part of fragrances only original fragrances, designed by leading French perfumers. Today, under the brand name perfumes Genty occupies a leading position on the Russian market. In addition to perfumes, produced under its own brand Genty, the company represents in the Russian market for more than 50 leading perfume and cosmetic brands. We act as the exclusive distributor of the famous brands of perfumes and cosmetics: LANVIN, BURBERRY, TRUSSARDI, and others.

The idea that I came up through the merger of two capital letters, turned the sign similar to the final, and after I changed to form the list – which is associated with such words as: freshness, flavor, fragrance of flowers, and is the same this essential in his life as well as cosmetic products in our modern life.

This sign I have received as a result of connections letter «G» and «P» until the sign has not turned out, who recalled the “leaf”. After the “leaf” symbol seen an association with freshness, as the sheet feeds flower, and the flower is the basis for most flavors. When one sees the list, it appears Association with such words as: freshness, fragrance, fragrance of flowers. Well, the list plays an important role in the life of Flower (Plants).
The whole meaning and character displayed in the sign.

At that time there were only positive emotions. These people, as a client too much. And the final product went into production.
But I still get any feedback, even if they are negative (in the presence of facts), I always try to improve myself.

I just want to say I appreciate the fact that each.

Radmir Volk

Rа́dmir Volk. Brand designer

intelligent simplicity. I do: branding and packaging design.
I am very faithful to its method: simple, clean, aesthetic and timeless.