Gerbang – Lounge Chair

GERBANG is a lounge design base on the concept of splitting rattan and things that were most commonly noticed around Malaysia – Cultural Gates | Entrance. Rattan (family Palmae/Arecaceae) is considered to be the most important non-wood forest product in Peninsular Malaysia. The rattan furniture manufacturing industry in Malaysia still needs much research and development efforts in order to maintain its relevancy to other industries. The industry is dependent on skills and technologies. Rattan furniture manufacturing can be best run as a small and medium-scale industry (single ownership). It is also suitably operated as a community cooperative business since the villagers can become the workforce.

Rattan is widely use in making furniture around Asian’s Country especially Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The craftsmanship of rattan furniture has been evolving these days and it also represents a Malaysian Identity throughout the global market. The yellow and black combination produces the best contrast compared to any other color. “rattan split”. refers to flat-shaped material, stripped from the skin of a rattan pole, with size ranging from 2 to 10 mm or wider in width, usually for weaving and binding.

There are color options that offered across this product, and even the one with bare rattan wicker and weaving were introduced initially. It was then developed to be seated on a cozy bouncy Polyurethane Foam Cushion that offers more comfortablity alongside cultural product of Malaysia.

Most of the audience were astounded by how the rattan can be made into furniture and some have mistaken it for bamboo product. I’ve learn that the identity of Malaysia is to founded by developing rattan furniture with an integration of modern feeling and requires more insight on how it will blend in to make the interior feel comfortable and soothing.

Cheng Hannjian

Industrial Designer pursuing Interior Architecture in Universiti Sains Malaysia.