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Jairah Baltazar
June 28, 2018
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This is a collection of portraits of vector art where the people who are featured in this project are my inspiration in fashion, style and in life. They give so much impact not just for me but for surely to other people.

Mostly my works and my style in art is minimalism. It is really my forte in doing art. I used and chose the colors based on its traditional color. And somehow, I used colors that would fit in and look well in the artwork. But honestly, I am more on minimal and pastel colors.

I created these portraits using Adobe Illustrator. I just used reference photos to trace it. After that, I put little highlights like minimal shadow and shading to the face and skin, also I added lines/strokes to make it more alive.

Minimal or detailed, I believe that each individual brings their own style and creativity. Just do and create art with your style because it defines your self-hood. In doing art, it takes a lot of patience and practice to create your own masterpiece.

Jairah Baltazar

Graphic Designer and Illustrator based in the Philippines.

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