Google Playbble

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Google Playbble

[Playbble is a concept design. Its an attempt to achieve what google would do if it was to launch a music player]

Google Playbble [Google Music Player Concept]
Google Playbble, as you would have guessed already, is Play+Pebble.
isn’t that cute?
A Friendly form with minimal control buttons and touch interface. Google Playbble is your new music buddy. feeling alone? feeling sad? just say it to G-assistant and it will play just the right music to make you feel good. and Holding Playbble in hand, would be oddly satisfying.
Bluetooth or classic 3.5mm jack, no problem.
Happy Listening!

The idea was to give an attempt to come up with something that Google will make if it was to make a music player.
The attempt was to create urge of having the product and to create urge of holding it in hand. Thus the form is so minimal and soft. Giving it name, Play+Pebble=Playbble [_pretty obvious ;)_]
choosing translucent material, gives a friendly feel to product complimenting its pebble-ly soft form. Grey-ish shade is given to keep the product neutral on color scale.

Using Alias, the form was created, Basic form details generated in alias.
photoshop is used for graphics, editing.
rendering is through Keyshot. Lighting, Material and Color created in Keyshot.
360 turntable animation created in keyshot [frames] and edited to make Gif in photoshop

The project started to be as fun work. Something from a leisure time.
Surprisingly it did appeal people.
People found it cute, playful, soft. comments like ‘i would love to hold it in hand’ explained the want factor it created.
Learning be like, the urge/want we have inside, if represented correct, can create good impact.
and sometimes, keeping it minimal helps a lot. it simplifies the amount of information your brain processes in first glance in fraction of second, resulting in ease in understanding form or helps one in connecting himself to the design.

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Amol Bhangare

Designer at Royal Enfield
Studied Mobility and Vehicle Design
IDC school of Design
Indian Institute of technology [IIT] Bombay