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Logo Design For Moon Designs Facebook Page

Logo Design For Moon Designs Facebook Page

Menna Zekri
August 16, 2021

a basic character design plays as a logo for my upcoming facebook page
i wanted to keep it as simple as i can in a vector style to put instead of a signature
so i made the design to work as a profile picture and i created a cover design as well

i love the blue color and my friends call me moon as a nickname so i wanted to mix that in a design
i see many people make avatars using illustrator so i decided to give it a try
blue and yellow are complementary colors so they are a nice match so i looked for color palettes and i liked these colors

i sketched my idea on android tablet using medibang app
then i olaced the sketch in illustrator and decided instead of tracing i will use basic shapes
so i used circles as hair , rounded square for face and i used circle outlines and cropped them for eyes and eyebrows and used circles and cut inside each other for creating the moon and i put the text on circle so they get the curve
later i took the design and opened photoshop i choose the image size i want for the profile picture and placed it same for the cover photo
and i put rectangles and app icons after coloring them with yellow and blue as well

when i showed my friends and fellow artist friends they liked the idea and encouraged me to create my facebook page ASAP

this might not be the final design i might add some details or edit a few stuff im not sure but i like it that way

Menna Zekri

An Aspiring Artist And Designer
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