Gravity – Flower Power

The Dutch Flower Power series entwines and encapsulates the natural elements of earth, wind and flowers. It demonstrates how these key elements can help to create an image of free forming beauty. The flowers are captured in the short period of blooming. After that, they are chopped, since they are grown primarily for the bulb. Their existence is dictated by the elements that help to create their power. Witness them at their maximum power! Flower Power is the second series, which form part of the Gravity project. In this project, the earths different elements are captured as they stand alone in their natural surroundings, by using moments of zero gravity.

I have always been interested in natural elements and always interested how things behave within those. Gravity is a wonderful thing and together with other elements like light and the wind, it can alter the way things behave. I came up with the second series called ‘Flower Power’ after successfully experimenting and creating my ‘Sand Creatures’ series. This idea transpired from throwing sand into the air and watching how it behaved with further elements like wind, light and shadow.
The Flower Power series built on this idea, but I wanted to use a different medium, in order to capture the desired shots. I also wanted to create something that was different from the norm. The flower fields are appealing, but very often taken in a certain way and then copied over and over. I wanted to embrace the factors of the natural surroundings, but do it in a way that had not been done before. After researching the idea, to see it had not been previously done, then developing my thought process I was happy with my unique approach.
Using the flowers (to throw in the air) maintained a strong focal point and utilizing the good weather and contrasting colors, really helped me to further develop my intensions and initial vision.

Firstly, I hoped for good weather, so that the vibrant coloring could help establish a bright and positive feel. To capture the necessary content, I used nothing more than my hands, a tripod, a remote and of course the natural elements. By setting the camera in the right position, using a high shutter speed, you create a very sharp and detailed image. Of course, it is fair to suggest that all things don’t always go to plan, so it took me a few attempts before I established the right angles, with the flowers captured in the right way. I the end managed to capture images in a variety of different angles and this meant that I was satisfied with the overall composition. After a huge selection process in Lightroom, I was ready to collate, montage them and edit the images further within Photoshop.

Again, people were very complimentary and inspired by the unique content I had created. I was pleased with the overall content and happy that it captured all elements in the way that I had initially intended. I learnt a lot from my photography skills and the overall process. I also learnt a great deal about myself and the reasons why I try to create such things. Something’s I prefer to not divulge, but I feel I like to create things that are not solely just for public appreciation, but something that perhaps explains and focuses more on my artistic tendencies and me as an artist. With that these images also hold great personal value to me as a person.

I would like to personally thank everyone who supports me, follows me and comments on my photographic content. It is inspiring, humbling and something I appreciate a lot. It motivates me and allows me to seek opportunities to continually improve.
I’m a very determined individual, with a strong vision to be the best I can be in this life. As previously highlighted, I want to remain fresh, dynamic and learn, not only from others (who inspire me), but continue to be inspired by my surroundings and the many wonderful opportunities that come my way. I also want to fulfill everything possible, as an artist and also a photographer. Therefore, I continue to develop many ideas and I continually want those ideas to come to fruition. 

Claire Droppert

Claire is a Rotterdam based visual artist who specializes in conceptual fine art photography. She is continually inspired by the beauty of natural landscapes and desolate / open spaces. Together with her creative blend of solitude and minimalism, her work in general has a very distinctive feeling of silence. Her work is characterized by the line where simplicity and minimalism are wed and the diverse editing techniques that blur this line. Find her on Instagram @claireonline for an extended view on her photography.