Green House

Naming, Branding, Art direction & Packaging for Green House. Green House is a new organic beauty company. They make products with natural ingredients, without chemicals, or synthetic ingredients.
So they wanted to show this natural character in the name and the packaging style.

The brand needed to show it’s natural character.
Talking about the name, I suggest Green House, because it has everything they wanted to reflect.
In other hand, I decided to make the graphic design very clean and add plants like the powerful image of the brand.

I design it using my camera to take some plants pictures, packaging pictures, etc.
Also I have used photoshop, to edit these pictures, and the presentation images.
The other software is Illustrator, which I used to design the graphics, (logo, stamp, etc)

With this project I have learned that simplicity could be the best element in a design.
People like this simplicity, the use of the type, and the combination of the plants images with the graphics.
Also people like the bags with the printed inner.

Isabel de Peque

Art director and independent designer, specialised in packaging design and branding development. Broad experience in cosmetics and perfumery; and currently immersed in gourmet sector.

Graphic design, interior design and art direction studies. Designer with great creativity and sensitivity to show the right concept in each project.

Thanks to the years of experience with large companies such as Zara, and also being part of the manufacturing process, make her a designer with viable ideas, real designs, in line with the budgets. Full knowledge about materials, manufacturing process, kinds of printings and finishes.

Creativity, dedication, knowledge and passion about design.