Grid System by Ozair Nazir

GRID Montana Group is a danish family owned company in Copenhagen. GRID’s success is based on that they want the consumer to receive as much freedom as possible to adapt. It is a historically development of the Montana system.

GRID cooperates with architects and designers to achieve the best interior look in shops, museums, shows and events. GRID focuses on freedom, something that can be made large or small, whether it can be opened or closed, to be able to configure the set-ups and is based on design and simplicity.

-Ozair Nazir


GRID is an internal system that offers endless options. GRID is to challenge ones creative thinking. GRID is a unique and flexibly designed to make you who you are. It is a world of flexible solutions without limitations. For GRID to stand out from their volume, they have to redesign their entire brand, and exploit their unique selling statements in their visual identity. Their appearance must appear unique, recognizable and challenge the general visual expression of GRID. I gave their logo a Danish / Scandinavian look, and kept it simple. The website needs to be modernized as their customers will not get a good experience of their products and it would be very messy. Make it more simple and delicious. Their identity must be modern, minimalistic, clean and a proof of quality. GRID’s message is to give consumers the freedom to adapt the product as desired, without limitations.

-Ozair Nazir

About Ozair Nazir

Ozair Nazir is a passionate designer who studied Graphic communication at The Institute of Denmark – Haderslev. He enjoy experimenting with lots of creative fields, acquiring little by little new experiences that continue to nourish his career. Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, branding, photography are some of the things that he loves to do on a daily basis. You can find out more about him by visiting his Behance profile.