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GYPSY: A Travel App

GYPSY: A Travel App

Eishan Banerjee
August 11, 2017
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GYPSY is a mobile application which my friend Ankita D'souza and I had a design for a classroom project. Gypsy assists travelers of all kinds in basic information, currency difficulties and a host of other features along with safety measure too, that they require while away from home. Gypsy also offers guides to travelers along with assistance to solo travelers and weather suggestions. All kinds of travelers can find a use with Gypsy. Money conversion, notes as well as SOS services are some of the other offerings.

As part of one of our college projects we had to develop and app. We decided to make a travel app since we both have travelled a lot and have a fair share of problems we face while travelling. Our friends, classmates and family also seemed to share similar issues and so we shortlisted the most common ones in order to help people travel safer and easier. The colour palette we chose is fresh and attractive and there is sufficient amount of imagery to understand the places people are travelling to. The icons are also easy to understand and guide the user smoothly through the application.

We used Adobe Illustrator to make our wireframes and identity as well as our initial design. Later, we moved the content to Adobe XD in order to understand the functioning on a phone as well as to see the transition from one screen to another.

We received a positive response to our app because it had everything that usually is not all in one place for a traveller to use while travelling. It also has an offline feature which makes it even more desirable. Through this project we understood a lot about putting what is necessary rather than what looks good alone. It also helped us understand the user flow more thoroughly.

Eishan Banerjee

I am a young designer/artist from Bangalore who is now pursuing graphic design at MIT Institute of Design Pune. I mostly take my inspiration from day to day activities and movies. My work is a mix of digital and sketches. Besides this my other favourite activities are singing and watching tv series.

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