‘HAMMER DRYER’ is a product close to the essence. The structure of the dryer was simplified and focused on the essential form. Generally, the operation button is mostly attached to the handle, I think it is a solution that is not deeply concerned. The handle of the ‘HAMMER DRYER’ has no function and decoration, so it is easy to hold onto the hand and concentrate on the use.

I wanted to destroy the chronic form of the dryer. I want the user to avoid the difficult form, and to feel the comfortable touch of the user. I think it is right to worry about a lot of time, but sometimes I have to trust my sense.

I am worried about the big concept in various directions at the beginning of the work. There is no standard way of designing, but I basically use rhino, keyshot, and Adobe Illustrator. The product image is endless. It must be completed through continuous modification.

Industrial designers are always in a dilemma. If I satisfy both the direction that I think is right, the client’s request, and the boss’s request, I lose the essence. But one thing I always feel at the end. The form must follow the function.

Jang Junyoung

Industrial Designer