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Roberta Soares
April 25, 2019
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Real women do not need a perfect body to feel complete, in this illustration I want to show that real women do not need to be thin, with a straight belly, shapely legs, and perfect white skin. Women have cellulite, large or small belly, oily or dry skin, white, yellow or black, but each is unique with its unique flaws and perfections. Sorry for the English, he's terrible.

My thought was for an illustration of a woman who represents me, with curves, messy hair, big hips, sagging breasts, no digital retouching, a natural woman.
I'm looking for a style for myself, focusing on themes more linked to the problems that women face today, from small things to big problems because of sexuality and women's freedom of expression. I'm leaving Adobe Illustrator to illustrate in Adobe Photoshop, which gives me more possibilities for effects and textures.

I created a drawing by hand, then moved to the photoshop, then did the whole drawing, adjusted and finished the stroke, painted the block of skin, made the effects of light and shadow, then made the color block of the clothes, applied the effects of light and shadow, I drew the print, applied transparency on the blouse and finished with tropical leaves of various types.

responded very well, some people sent me messages saying how important it is to show that among women there is no single standard, there really should not be a female pattern, people are different and this should be exalted, not renegade. Here in Brazil there are women with bulky bodies, with curves, but not all are like that, have fat, are thin, tall and low, but no one is forced to be a person just to please other people.

Roberta Soares

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