Hello Beauty

This project was created as a makeup artist brand proposal. She had a cheerful and fun personality and the goal of the brand was to show her’s style work to the audience. It was necessary to get out from common ideas and present a modern and unconventional look.

The initial idea was to create a project that passed personality and femininity, but not only that, it had to reach a younger audience. The colors chosen were striking colors and feminine to refer to women & girls with strong personality and the style had to look like as hand made. So the decision was taken to use a watercolor version and another version only with one color. Both using rustic features and fonts handwritten.

The Adobe Illustrator was used for entire production. The existent fonts were changed to fit the needed brand customization. Two types of sources were mixed and changes were made in kerning and tracking. Ligatures and ornaments have also been added to the word ‘Beauty’. Where the words came together cuts were made to not look so heavy. The background tries to look like makeup strokes and, for that, overlapping transparencies were used giving a watercolor-like effect.

There was a good response to the project. The makeup artist liked it a lot and so did the audience.
The project is still new and few people have seen it but I was happy with the result and it was within the expectations. The brand idea was successfully transmitted and it’s safe to say that it was a successful project.

Viviana Zontag