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Hidden Gems of Sydney

Hidden Gems of Sydney

Christian Andree
March 3, 2017
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‘Hidden Gems of Sydney’ brings together secret treasures and hand picked adventures in a crafted blog dedicated to Sydneysiders. To launch the new blog, Made Somewhere designed a fun loving and innovative brand, which incorporated a multi-layered brandmark, set around the Sydney Harbour Bridge, playful brand iconography and illustrations to support each adventure. The brand was supported by a trustworthy and personalised tone of voice, a playful and coastal brand style guide, adventurer apparel, social media guides and templates.

The idea was created from the concept of 'adventure, trust and fun'. We wanted the brandmark and supporting material to represent a trustworthy brand, dedicated to the cause of finding unique adventures around Sydney which were 'field tested' and fun. The brand works as a seal/badge of trust and companionship for your next adventure. To support the 'fun' aspect of the brand, playful iconography and illustrations were used to give personality and character to the brand. This set with a subtle but playful colour palette incapsulated the feeling of Sydney – the coast, the harbour, the sun, the sand, the adventure.

A mix of the Adobe Creative Suite were used to create the brand. All iconography, brandmarks and illustrations were created in Illustrator. Photoshop gave us the ability to adjust the composition of photos, Adobe Animate was used to create the carousel of iconography and brandmarks, whilst Adobe Indesign was used for all layouts, style guides and social media guidelines.

Made Somewhere and Hidden Gems of Sydney have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the project and new branding. Within the first few days of launching and showcasing Hidden Gems of Sydney, the project was featured on the Global Behance, account which has over 9 million visitors accessing the site each month. Viewers seem to resinate well with the style and tone of the brand and are getting excited to see what else is to come for Hidden Gems of Sydney.

You can view more of Made Somewhere's work: | Instagram @made.somewhere

You can follow the journey of Hidden Gems of Sydney:
Instagram @hiddengemsofsydney

Christian Andree

Made Somewhere is a interdisciplinary creative studio based in Sydney, Australia. Working with local and international clients, we span a wide range of graphic design services from branding, packaging, digital design and print design.

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