I call this project – an ode to social networks obsession and commercialisation of intimate life. I wanted to create an ironic illustration of what social networks really have turned into these day, In a form of large mechanism with a lot of small details that will be interesting to examine.

Watching many instagram bloggers I noticed that social network for instant photos became a large business where everybody trying to sell something or advertise. I decided to use in my illustraion couple popular colors – dusty pink and rose gold.

For this illustration I used 3ds Max and Corona renderer. I worked on it after hours, adding small and simple details step by step. After a week I finished whole illustration and cut some parts of it to make a Behance presentation. Hope you like it 😉 I definitely had fun doing this.

Many people asked me how I did this. Also I got one commission to make some little illustrations in the same style. Generally, people loved it! And I really appreciate every positive comment I’ve got for this project. If you like some of my works – support me on Behance and Dribbble – you can find me by “mikevrpv” 😉

Mike Voropaev

I’m Mike, a graphic designer working worldwide.
I love everything associated with design in all its forms. I think the design is not just the outer shell of the object, but also its semantic component. I’m positioning myself as an artistic open-minded designer trying to extend the range of my skills continuously.