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Ilustrations to the book "versiones"

Marco Giuseppe Rincón Plazas
May 20, 2021
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The book "versiones" was written from Diego Raúl Rodríguez Ostios in 2014 in Bogotá while he was in in jail. what he has plasmated are his memories of the worse part of his life.

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I really tried to find what the memory is about. And i think that every time we try remind something from your past, this one gets deformed and the form of the moment and people, change.
And what better that than use the technique of hatching to expres that.

I always think that if you made the drawings with your hands the process become different since the moment you touch the ink or the charcoal pencils, maybe you can perceive the textures you are making in the paper.

The author really like those illustrations and to all the edition team.
I really learned how the shadows are in the memories like in me and in my drawings. Also i learned how to applicated my knowledge about charcoal pencil to the Technical pen, it was fantastic.

Giuseppe R.P.

Empirical that dedicates his time to the surrealims, fantastic and science fiction arts; expressing them in literature, painting, music and especially in the author and experimental cinema. He has worked as an illustrator and has been a judge at school painting fairs.

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