It’s a project born with the passion and to try to discover new shapes about design. The target was to create a new concept of smartphone, with higher level components, good finishings and assembly process. The result has been this INFOLIO.

The idea has come after seeing how the design was evolving itself. Starting from the idea to build a new smartphone with low electromagnetic emission, we have built an aluminum shell to host the BioZen chip completely included into the phone.

All the project has been created by scratch on paper and then brought to 3D. Many softwares has been used to build the pictures, with the main target to give to the users a clear idea of the final product.

As the first smartphone with no-emission, INFOLIO has been appreciated by a lot of users. The design is classy and traditional, but the sum of all the details make the smartphone recognizable and compact, ready to become a new masterpiece.

Antonio De Rosa

I’m born in Italy – but i feel like a world citizen. I come to the world of communications and marketing from young age, beginning with an experience in the gaming world, where i had various roles, from the graphic designer to project manager.

I’ve completed my studies with a Masters in Communication and Marketing with a specialization in Creative Direction, through positions in big advertising agencies in Italy, USA and Asia, working as Senior Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Art Director.

My knowledge has started to expand thanks to numerous involvements in international campaigns and with many companies in the IT area in Singapore and Hong Kong. During these years i continue to follow my passion for Industrial Design area and i create several mobile devices, hi-fi systems and home entertainment systems for many OEM manufacturers.

Some years later i discover the Network Marketing and i become a specialist in marketing and communications for major companies in the industry, thanks to my experience in the social network, relationship marketing and community building. I start to have a considerable reputation for my concepts on the web regarding future Apple products, like the iWatch (2010), iCam (2011), respectively prototype of a watch and a camera Apple branded, in addition to a long list of acclaimed iPhone mockups, published on the most important IT magazines in the world.

Actually i’m SVP Marketing and Communication of WOR(l)D GN and CEO of Socialmatic LLC, a new IT Photo-Company focused on creativity and innovative products . With ADR Studio Marketing and Communication i continue my study in design and communication area.