iPhone X concept

The 2017 iPhone lineup will include the 7s and 7s Plus, but the latest rumours claim that Apple will include a third new iPhone that will commemorate 10 years of iPhone. This concept is dubbed as the iPhone X. The concept is based off numerous rumours, the features include; 5.8″ slight curved OLED display, touch sensitive lower bezel, smart connector, stainless steel frame (or new liquid metal) and a vertical rear camera setup which will include 3D technology.

The features of the phone are based of rumours whereas the physical design is a combination between the block shape of the iPhone 4/5 and the curved form of the iPhone 6/7. Colors of this iPhone X concept are a continuation of Apples color Pallete (Gold, Rose gold, Silver), with an addition of a new black steel frame.

Autodesk Fusion 360 was used to create the model, Keyshot was used for photo realistic renders and animations, slight touch ups were done in Adobe Photoshop for render images and Adobe Premiere Pro for the animations. Initially when 3d modelling i used Apples iPhone 6 and 7 schematics as reference for measurements.

Feedback from this project was good, though there were some critiques which i would be taking into consideration if I plan to change up the design. The main criticism was the size of the bezels, which looking back at it i could have lessened them slightly.

Imran Taylor

Industrial Design Student