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Paulo Zamora
August 8, 2018
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Jules was born as a creativity need, after a hard time of my life, I felt uncomfortable and stuck. I thought the only way to express all the things who I had inside is through the things I know to do. And this cute character turned into a driver to heal my emotive situation of that days.

After many sketches and ideas, appears a draw of a little girl and I felt she's the way, and I gave her an aspect and personality. She's called Jules in honour of people who I missed in that time, and it was a common name between they persons. In spite of the situation I decided Jules had to be a possitive character and she had to project a good energy. Trough time and process Jules displayed many aesthetics, themes and visual treatments, I love the idea of a character that shows different facets but that its essence is consistent; only the color code (black-white-cyan-red) is repeated in all illustrations, they are complementary colors and I like how they look.

The process is very simple and ussual like others illustrators, always need to sketch and roof in paper (I iove to use pencil and color pencils), this is the way to open my mind, if I go direct to the digital tools can't work comfortable. Then I take a picture and use Adobe Illustrator to trace the illustration (I love the clean aspect of the vector line) and the final step is on Adobe Photoshop, looking for a convincent aspect of color and texture.

It was surprising that every week people asked me about Jules, asked me about her name, her origin, her stories, I never though people loves that girl and woke good things. She had an Instagram account, but recently turned and modified in a "global" account for me like an illustrator, there are space for Jules, but also to other projects too.

I believe we have a great career and every day we have an opportunity to do something great. There are a lot of platforms or spaces that you can send or upload your work, the only one condition is do the things possible and spend a part of your time making real your projects.

You can find Jules and other good stuff on Instagram: @zamora_ilustrado and

Paulo Zamora

Graphic Designer based and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. Creative Director in advertising and free time illustrator. 35 years old, son of an artist and a engineer. Art, music and video clip lover.

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