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THE WATER (She flies)

THE WATER (She flies)

Antonio Schubert
February 18, 2019

Thin, thick, opaque, diaphanous. In their transitoriness, they may be sublime celestial cathedrals full of light and drama, or only humble spots with no density.

They travel in the sky, adrift, made of water and ancient memories, offering themselves to people's contemplation. "Clouds are there for everyone," said Alfred Stieglitz, the first photographer to lift up the eyes to the sky and that considered that we can project our thoughts into them.

This essay was carried out over the last ten years, in the tropical light of the skies of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

There are no secrets or preparation. Basically you empty your mind, contemplate the sky and expect the atmosphere to offer something special.

The images are realized with a digital camera, in the format RAW, with post-processing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, where some changes of contrast or color are applied. Some images can be cropped, seeking a better composition.

It is the normal flow of every photographer, nothing more.

The disclosure of the project is recent and I do not yet have any feedback. Clouds often bring us back to childhood, because it is at this stage of life that we usually pay more attention to them. I believe this will result in a positive experience for those who know about this project.

Antonio Schubert

Brazilian, I live and work in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Photography for me is contemplation. But despite a personality given to the observation of the attitudes and reactions of others in various everyday situations, I only started to photograph in 2008.

I am interested in photography that has an affectionate eye over all things, whether it is the one that approaches the human being as an individual or as an element inserted in the landscape, which manifests itself as a pure concept, which is remembrance, amazement or insufficiency. But I can photograph jelly beans. The yellow ones, if I'm given the choice.

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  1. I really love your vision, the way you represent something that we look at everyday still feels different in your eyes
    thanks and keep up the good work

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