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Fly Dream

Fly Dream

Alexey Chernov
May 15, 2018
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The project for the company "Fly Dream". The company acquaints its customers with flights on balloons. The design of the site should catch the emotions of people. Give people a feeling of flying. specific information on the site is mixed with air design. This strongly affects the emotional audience. And we hoped it on them.

We tried a few ideas and decided that customers should fly up. For this we made the reverse on the site. Most sites will roll down, here with the first scrolling you will lift into the sky. With color, everything is logical. Sky blue, real photo with flying on the background, slowly floating clouds. Red button. This color has a great contrast. But this red does not cause a sense of danger in people. Video on the background on the first screen to show all the beauty of nature around you.

Almost everything was created in Adobe Photoshop. I used the filter "Camera raw" to quickly correct color of the original photos. And Adobe After Effect to create video for background. I've been looking for an idea for a long time. I tried neutral colors, minimal compositions, bright colors. I tried everything to give people a sense of air and flight. He stopped at the sky blue with red accents. Under the logo, I chose two fonts. For the headings I chose the caliber of bold. The modern grotesque is perfectly combined with the smooth lines of the logo. And for the text I chose the thin Open Sans. It's perfectly readable, and it's enough just to concentrate on it.

An interesting task was to calculate the movement of balloons and clouds. This is necessary for the client to see exactly what the author has conceived. Much better studied the filter "Camera Raw". We just launched the project, but we got to the right audience for us. Very emotional people wrote us positive reviews such as: "Very cool site." I seemed to fly. " I am satisfied with the result, and I will continue to monitor the project. But this project helped to see my weaknesses. It is necessary to continue to work with Typography and composition. I think it's great when you grow up with every project. With each project, you become better. I wish you that every next project brings you development and joy.

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Alexey Chernov

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