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October 21, 2017
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It is a very ordinary lamp. It is only a simple way to operate without the need for complicated manuals. It has Intuitive power button and angle adjustable head. You can change the atmosphere of space with glass plates of various colors.

When I was a child, I remembered looking at the world by making glasses with various colors of cellophane.
The cellophane changed to a glass plate with a color, and this changes the atmosphere.
It is designed to be opposite to the warm feeling of 'lighting'.
It is based on a simple cylinder. Uncomplicated shapes and textures show modernity.

I started with a simple sketch. Originally I liked to use geometric shapes to model, but the finished sketch was similar to the lighting and I started modeling. Modeling was performed using Siemens 'UGNX', Rendering uses Octane render for Cinema 4d.

It's subjective, I've heard a lot about the design being modern and clean. Especially, I hear a lot of words that I made a good job of rendering.
I have never received praise in any work, but it seems to have been a good experience.


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