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Lean: A modern coin bank

Lean: A modern coin bank

Tejaswini Khedkar
September 24, 2019
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We find loose change at every corner of our home. But they mysteriously disappear when we need them the most. Maintaining a coin bank can be useful at times but how many times are we going to break it when we need a loose change?

‘Lean’ is more than just your regular coin bank; It helps you to save the money and spend it whenever you need.

The product comes with a magnetic ring which allows you to stick the coins outside the container so that you can use them for daily expenditures. It has multiple coin slots on the sides to slide the remaining coins inside.

The concept is simpler than the regular coin bank. An integrated ring surface portrays the impression of leaning by lifting off the middle container from the side to fulfill its sole purpose. Partial stability endorsed by subtle color tones with matte finish simply elevates the aesthetic appeal. Intuitive features of the product boost the mood, motivates the user to save money and finally completes the design.

120mm x 190mm
HDPE, Magnet sheet

The challenge was to design something which is multipurpose yet simple to perceive. Interacting with coins in a playful way is what makes the Lean unique from regular coin banks. This coin bank helps the user to solve the problem within 2 steps.

Lean has 3 primary parts including the top, the base, and the magnetic ring. The top and base make a whole sphere when joined together. Injection molding would be ideal for the production of this product. I have added ribs on the ring surface which support the magnetic ring and they also help to increase the strength of the product.

I used Fusion 360 and Keyshot 7 to create this design.

The initial research was carried throughout the process. Almost 72% of the people tend to frustrate for not being able to find the coins/loose change while living the house. Magnets are proven to be the best stress busters. Considering all these aspects, Lean would be very useful for users to enhance their lifestyle.

Thank you very much for giving me a chance to showcase my design in front of the world. I have put a lot of efforts into the design and tried my best to deliver the best solution possible.

Tejaswini Khedkar

I am a product designer. I completed my graduation from MIT Design Institute, Pune, Maharashtra, India.
I enjoy the challenge of creating distinctive products that bring delight and a smile to people. I have the ability to take ideas from paper to product including suitable manufacturing techniques and product testing.
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