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Let's Learn Something New by Cecilia Meade

Let's Learn Something New by Cecilia Meade

Honey Adraque
June 11, 2015

Whether we admit it or not, the only thing that never stops is "learning". Learning never stops at a certain age of a human being. And today's feature showcases that we can learn something new in everyday of our lives. Read on and enjoy!

I like to take sometime after work to do stuff for self learning and enjoyment ( drawing or 3d stuff also sometimes crafts) and this was part of the personal stuff I do , this was made in one day I did the vector drawing first but I want to know how it would look like in 3d , I named the project let´s learn something new because is part of my ¨ philosophy of life ¨ I think that is important to learn something new always make life more interesting and exciting.

- Cecilia Meade



The tools I used were:
pencil and paper for the sketch
adobe illustrator for the vectors
and Maya for the 3d models

- Cecilia Meade



About Cecilia Meade

Cecilia Meade studied graphic design and advertising in Mexico but she didn't feel satisfied in doing design and she doesn't like advertising at all that is why she started illustrating. She started with 2D and still doing it for 10 years now. Her curiosity led her to start learning 3D and just last year, she started doing 3D and it really captured her heart. Currently, she's a 3D illustrator, designer and an animator. She's a freelance artist for 5 years now and drawing is part of her daily routine. You can find more of her artworks on her Behance profile or website.

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  1. Such bright and lovely colors. Took me straight back in time when I was a kid and used to read comics and watch cartoons all day long. Some of them reminded me of Noddy. :) Feel good designs. Loved it!

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