Light Paintings

I always found light was a fascinating object to capture. Light and shadow to each other were inseparable and essential elements. When light shined upon our bodies, shadow came with it automatically. For me, it was like sun playing a game, trying to draw on us with shadow.

After starting to take photos, I realized light and shadow were two elements easy to be ignored.
As we sometimes forgot how precious ordinary beauty was after getting used to it. I started to catch those tiny, instant fleeting beauties through my camera.

I used analog camera- Canon AE 1, analog films straightened the unique atmosphere of my photography. After photos were being developed, I adjusted them with Adobe Photoshop.

Observations always came first. I observed how the light was and tried to compose it, creating a harmony between the scenes and the subjects. Composition helped balancing the strength between light, shadow and human bodies.

People described my project using adjectives such as soft, warm, real, sad, tender… etc.
Receiving those feedbacks always provided me motivations to continue observing small things in my daily life. I learnt that I could share to people how I see the world through my photography.
I also like how I developed the messages through photography without too many descriptions. I prefer people created their own imagination and connected their own stories from viewing my works.

Ya Chen Wang

Yachen is a freelancer, specialised in illustration, analog photography, and graphic design. She grew up on the island of Taiwan, studied in Los Angeles and hopscotched across the meridian lines.
Through the lens of photography, she is able to capture her idle observations. She wants to soften the agony of reality through the tenderness of her work. As art is flowing water to her, running into souls.