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LIKE CREATIVITY MAG by Santiago Landaburü

LIKE CREATIVITY MAG by Santiago Landaburü

Marianne Piano
February 28, 2016
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Creativity, his personal taste on philosophy and the universe are the factors that brought this art set to life. Let's see how our featured artist break loose to make the most psychedelic visuals for this magazine cover. Read on and enjoy!

The project was a request from the magazine´s editor Luciano Koenig, we had already worked in some things previously and he trust in my work and he gave me a free pass to do whatever I want visually without detach the soul of the magazine.

- Santiago Landaburü



It was done in about a month, it was kinda difficult for me to find something that would cover the contents of the magazine but it was resolved effectively.

- Santiago Landaburü



I started reading a lot about the concept of creativity and the things that covers the topic to complement it with my personal tastes about philosophy and the universe, that´s why it has that zero gravity style.

- Santiago Landaburü



I always start with paper and pencil, followed I use Cinema 4D and take the post to render Illustrator and Photoshop.

- Santiago Landaburü



"You are the only person who can create opportunities"

- Santiago Landaburü


Santiago Landaburü, Art Director. He was born in Ecuador in the city of Guayaquil. He began his career as a designer in his 20s and was gaining experience in various agencies of Guayaquil and Quito. As a lover of good graphics and crafting, he try performing each piece with a high level of quality. This has allowed to his work to be awarded in different festivals of national and international.

See more of his artworks on Behance.

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