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Linito Chair and Stool

Linito Chair and Stool

Yu Ito
December 3, 2018
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Linito is a two-piece modern furniture collection designed for an Italian furniture company, formabilio. The duo–chair and stool–are made of folded, laser-cut steel sheet. Colorful finishes lighten the rigor of the material, and optional eco-friendly cushioning gives it a hint of coziness. Perfect in a living room or at the head of a table, ‘linitos’ dramatic presence adds to any room.

When the material was set to metal by formabilio, I wanted to create a unique set of chair and stool using a simple material such as sheet metal. Throughout the exploration sketching, I got the idea of using a rolled sheet metal for the base while a bent piece for the seat and the back, in order to create the visual contrast.

I started the design process by going back and forth between folding papers and sketching. Then, I took the idea to Rhinoceros 3D to work on their details. I made a few scale models out of cardboard before finalizing the details.

One blog called it “modern royal throne” and I thought it was funny. I wanted to give it a light and fun impression as if it is made with origami paper - it turned out to be appearing heavy like a throne!

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Yu Ito

Yu Ito is a Japanese furniture & industrial designer based in California. He designs objects for changing spaces as well as objects that adapt to a particular setting. His goal is to create solutions that trigger discovery, awareness, and action in people's everyday life. He holds BFA in Industrial Design from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked on various projects in Japan, USA, and Spain.

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