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Sol Cano
July 15, 2022
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LIT KICKS is a case study for a sneaker shop branding.

I'm about to get my Graphic Design degree soon, so I wanted to put all the things that I've learned during these years in practice and design the branding - and also, UX/UI design and some marketing strategy - for this sneaker shop that I've came up with. As to why did I choose the sneaker topic... well, I'm a sneakerhead and wanted to design something related to that.

For this project, I used Adobe Illustrator the most, but I also made use of Adobe InDesign for the brochure and Adobe XD for the website. And finally, I created the mockups in Adobe Photoshop.

This project is new, so I'm still waiting for people to find out about it. Please look forward to more projects of mine that I'm planning on designing.

Sol Cano

Graphic and visual designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Oh and I also draw.
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