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Esraa mardi
October 20, 2017

Living for Apartment with modern style, I created this 3D Visualization realism from Sky Blue and White - A blue sky with white fluffy clouds is a classically beautiful sight we could stare at all day. One of the reasons sky blue and white are such a powerful pair
. This living room have 3 windows so i can get perfect lighting from any angle of view.

This Modern room Style, using simple color just white and blue not to many color
The contrast combination with sky-blue and white colors does not look cold by adding details and furniture , which has a warm tone, in all the parts of the interior.

Programs that were used in this project are: 3ds Max, Vray Render, Photoshop.
Lighting is based on hidden lighting and spots
I used 3ds Max for modeling / texturing of all major sites and Vray for rendering.
I also used Photoshop that always improves your final result

I was happy to work on this project and create concept that you see. I heard a lot of positive reviews and it is warming to the heart. Thank you all. Some liked the contrast of materials, furniture selection, and others appreciated the quality of the visualization. I am open and happy to listen to any criticism.
Many people liked ,

My name is Esraa Mardi, I come from jordan . I am an interior designer and visualizer. I like to design interior and create cozy and unique interiors. I . I work as a freelancer. Welcome to my page!
Phone: 00962 797660217

esraa mardi

Jordanian interior designer and 3d visualizer

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