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Loopo - the One and Only Tool

Loopo - the One and Only Tool

Anja Lindner
March 6, 2018
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Loopo - The one and only tool is rechargable via USB slot and should appeal to young women who are not enthusiastic about technology. Maybe they moved for their first time to another city to study. They need a tool that could be a multifunctional friend, that only one.
The screwdriver, which may be used less often than one can be converted into a kitchen utensil by simultaniously pressing the buttons on the sides.
Loopo was created together with my friends Beatrice Gratton and Daniela Penagos-Hoeck.

we wanted to create that one special friendly tool for a group of people that does not really think about tools. The tool should get a character of maybe a comic figure of...something. It should have two eyes and fresh and friendly colours like it could also be just something to play with.

At first we concentrated to find an interesting target group we could maybe identify with or definitely understand.
We created ideas and sketched, sketched, sketched to find a fitting form. After that we tried to tell an interesting possibly realistic story with a persona. We focused on functions, ergonomics and colors, we modelled our ideas in Rhino. This year I refreshed the visualisation with keyshot.

It comes up to the people we talked to, but sometimes there were problems of understanding the project. Most people liked the visualisation, but we know that it often comes up to a very fresh and hip presentation of the ideas. If we had another chance we would tell present more clear and make sure that there are people who really like to have loopo.

Anja Lindner

I´ m currently working on my bachelor project at the OTH- Regensburg, where I study industrial design.
I love creating new solutions and have many interests as I am a very colorful, enthusiastic and expressionistic person.

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