I Love NY Postcard Series by Soomin Jung

“I LOVE NY Postcard Series” highlights why and what Soomin Jung love about New York. Many people live in New York, and many different stories are happening in this place. This is why she loves New York. The images are all illustrated, and highlight the emotion of each image with an emoji.

I got a lot of photos from the picture collection in several libraries in New York. Then, I scanned them and brought them to the computer. I combined windows and people in the process. The colors are chosen depending on their emotion or actual photo’s color. For the back side, because emoji are used in a text message, I brought the text message form.

– Soomin Jung

All the illustrations have been drawn using Adobe Illustrator. The process is a bit different every time. Sometimes I drew the people first, and sometimes I drew window first. After combining the window and people, I arranged the color.

– Soomin Jung

People love this project. People told me that the illustrations were so lovely. Some people wanted to join this project by sending their photos. So, I am planning to make this project more valuable by getting the photo of anyone who want to join this project. I’ll also have their stories.

– Soomin Jung

About Soomin Jung

Soomin Jung is a graphic designer and an illustrator based in New York.