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Bruna Paz
April 17, 2018
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The new brand should be elegant without being complex, in order to please the young audience, as well as stepping up when compared to their competitors. Minimalism, white/black space, monochromy, versatility and elegant simplifications are the main characteristics of the new branding system.

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I already knew his work and the importance he connecting with its clients while putting his own style on the editing. That is why it was easy for me to understand that an exclusive lettering or logotype would be a great fit for the brand, showing that each video is made from scratch with human hands and great feeling.

First of all, I asked the client what graphic styles he would like for this project. One of the choices was handmade letterings. We decided together that this would be a great way to exemplify his own work, filmmaking made with care and humanity. Therefore, I started drawing and testing different lettering options with the ProCreate app for iPad. I then sent an archive with some lettering options for him to choose. Lastly, I finished one the final options chosen. It is important to validate with the client every idea or drawing, so that, in the end, he receives a great result that he helped to build.

Even though the client was aware of the handmade style that we were going to use in this project, he was happily surprised by the final result and so did we :) With this project, we learned how important it is for the success of a branding project to include de client in every step of the way. While he might be a little disappointed to already know what the final result can look like, there will always be a surprise in the end, as we always try to develop and come up with different solutions for the brand system.

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