LUSH – FRESH HANDMADE COSMETICS This is a conceptual Design approach for a new brand called LUSH. Lush sells a large range of natural handmade bath and body products.
With my design i want to create a clear brand concept that can work well with a large range of products and product looks.
For this I have split LUSH into 3 categories. Each of those ideal for a different range of costumer. Two of the categories can be mixed
together as shown for:

Unicorn Horn

Which is mainly CREATION with a touch of SERENE.

The Concept / Idea behind the whole project is to create a new way of Design.

We all know what a Static / Dynamic Design is and how it works. With this project i started to go deeper into them and create a mix of both, with going till the limits of what is possible.

How far can we minimize the brand?
How chaotic can we go with the brand image?

How do we combine that knowledge?

Do we need a logo to know a brand?

Liquid Design

We have a few points that will always stay. We can change their appearance, change their colour and form.
Whatever happens around it doesn’t matter at all.

Well, basic tools of each designer.

A lot happens starts as scratch and goes then for PS or AI.

My textures i often draw and then “Image Trace” via AI. Mostly i have to go by hand into details and correct them.

Afterwards i have a clear mind on the “What i need and want”. Afterwards i just play around and let it look good. Sometimes i go to far out..

It’s still a new project so I’m waiting for it.

For now i however got a couple responses of my friends.

They find it very attractive. Not sure if it would actually work for LUSH as we know but surely as a new Brand that has the same brand idea as LUSH.

All in one i feel that my thinking of “Liquid Design” works and is a good future thinking of Brand Design. However, it still needs more brainstorming to it.

Tom Jueris

Full-time Freelance Art Director / Designer / Artist.

I’m pretty open minded and love working world wide. Feel free to contact me under:
[email protected]

My intention is to recombine design with art, to create powerful emotions in each piece.