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Magnetic Keyboard

Magnetic Keyboard

Kim Jung Min
July 11, 2019
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Cleaning the keyboard is a real hassle.
The conventional method consists of tearing out the keycaps one by one, unscrewing them and reassembling them.
the disadventage is that after assembly, the keyboard may malfunction and it may take a long time to rearrange.
Magnetic Keyboard have the advantage of easily ripping off the top with magnetic keycaps and combining them with water after cleaning.

The reason why I first came to think of magnetic keyboards is because I am a student of design who is in the department of design and I am the most exposed and most important thing of 24 hours a day, but I always use them because of poor management. Cleaning the keyboard was also not easy. I thought this process was a matter of empathy not only for me but for anyone in today's world who has a computer. So I tried to improve this part. In the cmf, neat black color and no specific design elements were included, and one of the most important features is the border details. This product has been shown in form to suggest that it is a tearable product. I think this is the biggest design characteristic of magnetic keyboards.

The tools used in this project are three tools: Rhino, Key Shot, and Photoshop. These are basic tools that anyone who studies product design uses. It was quite a hassle to have to model each of the keycaps rather than being difficult because of the nature of the keyboard, and modeling and rendering the actual keyboard model picture on the Internet page in a realistic layout on it. The rubbersome and the flammables on the bottom are the same.

This project has given us a very grateful Pd flag from Behence. Many people also posted comments that they saw well through e-mail and comments, and earned the honor of being posted in yanko Design. Thank you very much. As a design student, I think I learned the most about behavioral design through this project. It is always a matter of concern and an important part of how to melt behavioral design as a product designer, but especially in this magnetic keyboard project.

thank you for whatching my project ! :)

Kim Jung Min


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