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MetroBike // Bicycle Wayfinding

MetroBike // Bicycle Wayfinding

Greg Howe
June 24, 2017
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MetroBike is the end-result of my senior thesis at Wentworth Institute of Technology. MetroBike is a low cost, visual way-finding tool for the city cyclist. MetroBike is designed to be accessible for commuters who use bike share programs like Boston’s Hubway program.

View full project here: www.

MetroBike is directly inspired by modern day subway systems. Specifically the Berlin U-Bahn subway system which, uses colors and numbers to map out the systems infrastructure. I used this platform as people from different cities and countries can easily understand it.

MetroBike was an 8-Month long research and design project. The design intent was to develop an economical navigation system for city cyclist who use bike share program. The process consisted of 4 months of user research and 4-months of design.

MetroBike was well received during my senior thesis presentation. Viewers liked the simplicity and economical use of the existing city infrastructure. In addition to its ease of use individuals also like that MetroBike accommodates both entry and avid level cyclist.

Greg Howe

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