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Modern interior Minotti

Modern interior Minotti

Natalia Chaber
August 23, 2018
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This project was done on the reference of The Minotti Collection. It reflects the changes in the way we define the home environment and interprets a new approach to home decor in an exciting interplay of associations between indoor and outdoor spaces. A sophisticated, exciting project where the shapes, materials, colors and architecture of space meld and mix. Indoor charm with a natural outdoor personality. I also showed a close up of my interior to show the the character of the place.

I chose the project as a reference because of the sophisticated elegance and the mix of dark grey and brown colors with blue colors which create an interesting succession of truly eye-catching setting. It's a design for ambitious people who love the minimalist modern style and are not afraid of some colors. The goal in this project was to create an absolutely comfortable modern space, using techniques borrowed from the classics. My inspirations are the sites Pinterest and BeHance. These sites are good enough for me. I also regularly travel mainly to United States (New York) and Italy, these countries, their culture, architecture, museums and people are the biggest inspiration to me.

I made two renders, the interior and the close up. I started my work with modeling the interior, the next step was the lighting with is one of the most important steps in making the project, I used for it a HDRI map. Then I worked on making the materials, which sometimes take some time to look as we want them to look. I've done all that in 3dsmax and CoronaRenderer. When the render was finished I made a small post production in Photoshop.

I've always loved simplicity and was afraid of adding bright colors to my interiors. I thought a good modern interior is in shades of grey, brown or white. By doing this project I've learnt that adding some brave colors like blue, which I used on the carpet and on the pillows looks really good and is still very elegant and at the same time modern.

Don't be afraid of adding a little colors to your interior, I will still look modern and simple.

Natalia Chaber

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